World Class Diving is at your doorstep!

From Boat or Shore, you have exclusive access to miles of Pristine Reefs, where Diverse and Dramatic Undersea Landscapes harbor high levels of Marine Biodiversity.

Free Diving, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at its Finest!

Our Certified Dive Professionals are here to Guide you Safely during your Diving Adventures.

We also offer Discover Scuba Diving for Beginners as well a Certifications up to Dive Master.

Greg Arius- PADI Master Instructor

Emmanuel Domingo- Native Ivatan Free Diver and - PADI Dive Master

Douglas Rutherford- PADI Dive Master

Jason Lay- PADI Dive Master

Rain- DMT Intern and Professional Underwater Photographer

Dive Batanes is a Certified PADI Dive Resort and Dive Philippines Phidex DOT Accredited Dive Establishment

Here in Batanes we have a Thriving Nudibranch Population. These amazing little creatures have become a favorite for 

Under Water Photographers World Wide. 

The  Nudibranch Pictures displayed here are Courtesy of Finn Snow and Sherlyn from their last Dive Exploration and also Courtesy of Paul Fisher our Aussie Friend and Dive Mentor on his July 2022, Diving and Photography Escapade with us.

From all of us at Dive Batanes...Thank you All for your Wonderful Pictures, Support and New Friendships!

At Dive Batanes we offer Diving, Free Diving and Snorkeling for Certified Divers and Beginners. Our Certified Dive Professionals will guide you through everything to make your Diving... Safe, Fun and an Experience to Remember.

We Certify up to Dive Master.

This Gallery contains Images captured at Some of our Many Dive Sites in Batanes. We are always adding New Sites to our list as there is a Vast amount of Diversity and Selection to be had. It seems the more we Dive the more we find.

Batanes has become Popular for Free Divers of all Levels. There is something for Everyone.

Batanes has become Famous for the Clear Water and Amazing Visibility. Some say " The Best Visibility in the Philippines". Some say " Clearest Visibility in the World". We will let you be the Judge!

Here are a few pictures compliments of our Friend and Avid Free Diver....Earleen Jane Fuentes (Ren)

Thank you Ren!

If you are You more Adventurous and Advanced we can set up a Specialty Night Dive.

You never know what you may encounter!

Thank You Emmanuel Domingo our Acclaimed Ivatan PADI Dive Master, Free Diver and Brother, for always going the Extra Mile and always getting great Pics and Videos!


Below the waves in Batanes there is a Whole other World to Explore and Enjoy.

These Videos will help you get a sense of the Pristine settings and our Diving Adventures here at Dive Batanes!